When Do You Need Chemical Treatment For Your Aircon?

An air conditioner is one of the most important devices in the modern housing systems. This device is used to de-humidify and cool air within your house hence creating more comfortable conditions. Singapore is one of the countries within the tropical belt. This means that there are high temperatures all year round. Air conditioning systems are therefore an important asset. Sometimes you may notice that your air conditioner is not working up to standard to keep your home cooler. 

Air con experts believe that chemical cleaning of air cons is one of the surest methods to prolong its life and remove unwanted impurities from the system. Chemical treatment or chemical overhaul is a thorough procedure that involves spraying of chemicals onto the fan coil units of your system to clean dust, dirt and bacteria that has accumulated in your system over time. It also involves dismantling of the whole system for proper clean up. There are various observations that will demand immediate chemical treatment for your aircon:-

– When you find that your unit cannot be turned on

In some instances, you find that your air conditioner cannot be turned on. There are various causes to this problem. You have to subscribe to the services of a good and trustable aircon servicing company to offer your unit a chemical cleaning service. This is responsible and important in restoring the good condition of your system.

– When the electricity bill is increasing without any clear reasons

An inflated electricity bill can be used to indicate that your air conditioning unit is not working normally. Some problems limit the efficiency of your air conditioner unit. This makes it consume more power than the normal one. These units use a considerably large amount of electricity and as a result a slight inflation in electricity use will be noticeable. This can prompt you to chemically treat your conditioning system so as to cut down these costs as required.

– Leakage of water from your air conditioning system

This is an indicator that your aircon has problems inside it. A normal working aircon will have water condense in the indoor fan coil and discharge through a drain pipe and into the nearest drain. These problems might be a dirty evaporator coil, dirty air filter or clogged condenser drain. This causes back flow of water. You therefore need to hire the services of an aircon service company to clean up your system and remove the dust or even small insects that have clogged your system.

– Having frequent allergies in your family

Allergies in your family can be caused by allergens in your system. These are the causative agents of allergies and they include dust, dirt, bacteria and other unwanted materials. When you notice allergies you therefore have to consider chemical treatment of your aircon unit to remove these impurities.

– Noticing a broken fan system
Insufficient production of cool air may mean that an aircon has a broken fan. In this situation, it should be replaced with a new one. After installation, the aircon system requires chemical treatment to prepare it for the newly installed fan.

– When you notice Bad odor coming from your air conditioner

Sometimes, you can smell bad odors form your aircon system. This might come from bacteria, moulds, water accumulation. This generally happens when the aircon system is not cleaned regularly as recommended. This requires chemical treatment on your aircon system to eliminate the micro organisms that are building up inside your air conditioner.

– When you find ice accumulating in your air conditioning unit

Accumulation of ice in your air conditioning unit coils may be because of debris in the evaporator coil fan problems a dirty filter or low coolant levels. This results to the build up of ice around the coils. Chemical treatment is hence required to melt this ice and restore your air cooling system to its normal working conditions.

– When the aircon system produces hot air

The primary use of an aircon system is to provide cool air in hot environments. It is therefore not pleasant to have a unit that produces warm air. This can be caused by a faulty cooling system, clogged air filter or condenser component. When the indoor fan coil is dirty, there is no dissipation of enough cool air. It can also result from a spoilt condenser. It is the part where Refrigerant is changed back into liquid form. If the system is dirty, the condenser can be broken down. This situation requires chemical treatment from a professional to return the system to its normal working condition as needed.

– When your aircon unit is abnormally noisy
Normally working aircon system produces a slow humming sound. A faulty system produces an unpleasant noise as well. This can be caused by a noisy draft resulting from dirty fan coils or vibration from outdoor condenser. This requires a thorough chemical clean up to restore the aircon system to its normal working conditions.

– The aircon system switching itself off automatically

Sometimes, you might have the system switching itself off automatically. This can result from faulty components in the air cooling system such as dirty air filters hence the system stops as a preventive measure. This calls for chemical treatment of the whole system to eliminate the faults.

Aircon chemical treatment is therefore not a fixed time issue. Factors such as the frequency of use of the system and geographical location also affect the frequency of servicing. For people living in coastal areas, their systems tend to suck grit and salt. Consequently their systems have to be cleaned more regularly than people living further from the sea. 

However air conditioning systems have to be serviced at least once every year by a licensed expert. Aircon chemical treatment increases its performance, saves money by cutting down on electricity bills and increases the lifespan of your system. It also reduces bad smell from the aircon, ensures noiseless running of the aircon and eliminates water leakage from the system. It also provides clean and safe air to breathe.

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