Can We Save Energy By Switching To Aircon Fan Mode? (Updated)

Most of the people in Singapore use air cons to regulate the temperatures of the house. The most common aspect they are complaining about is the huge electrical bills they encounter at the end of the month. This is because when the aircon is running, it consumes a lot of power.

Most people are finding the various methods they can apply to reduce the amount they normally pay for the electricity bills. Some may switch off the air-con when it is not required or when the temperature range is within the required limits. One of the most effective methods to save on the total electrical power is using the fan mode for those air-cons having this mode incorporated.

You switch to this mode, and it can reduce your monthly bills drastically while achieving the required purpose of the air con. There are other methods other than the fan mode that can be used to reduce the air conditioner’s total energy consumption.

Such methods will not only improve the energy economy of your system but will also increase the lifespan. We will analyze the fan mode that is very common in Singapore and how it saves energy.

Aircon fan mode
Aircon fan mode

How Does Fan Mode Work?

This is the mode whereby the fan runs continuously when the compressor is off. If your air-con has this mode, you can switch it on, and it will switch automatically to use the fan to do the cooling instead of using the cooling power itself. This is capable of reducing the total cost of electricity as less electrical power will be consumed.

How Does This Mode Save Energy?

This mode is capable of saving a lot of electrical energy that would otherwise be consumed. It saves energy in the following ways:

1.It Allows The Use Of Fan Alone After A Few Hours Of Operation While The Compressor Is Off

This is one of the most effective methods to save on the electricity used. This is because the compressor itself uses most of the electric power. The compressor will be on for a few hours of operation, then it will be switched off, and the fan will be on. The fan will run and do the cooling rather than the use of the compressor cooling power. 

2.Fan Mode Will Reduce The Workload Of The Aircon Thus Improving Its Efficiency To Energy

Aircon fan mode
Aircon fan mode

There are some cases where the air con is overworked. This will fatigue some of the key electrical components, thus reducing their power efficiency. This mode will allow some of the key parts that use the electrical power to be overworked as the compressor will be switched off after a few hours of operation. The parts will remain in their original state for a longer period of time and will be very efficient to power compared to the one who is running the whole day.

3.With The Fan Mode, There Is No Cooling Taking Place Hence No Power Will Be Required To Circulate The Refrigerant.

Normally when the air con is used, some electrical power will be required to circulate the refrigerant. For the fan mode case, this is not the case as the fan will be circulating the free natural air of the room and can cool the hotter parts.

When the compressor is on when other modes are being used, there is a need to cool the hotter parts of the system, and some energy must be used to circulate the refrigerant used. This will raise the bills that the owner normally encounters, and switching to the fan mode can greatly assist. 

4.The Fan Can Completely Condition The Fairly Cold Temperatures Such As The Morning Temperatures In Singapore

The fan can do what the compressor cooling power can do at fairly cold temperatures. If it can do so, then there are no needs for using the power-consuming compressor. This mode will thus satisfy the needs using the least energy possible just to run the fan. If it can achieve what is required, then there is no need to use the compressor cooling system to consume a lot of power to do the same thing.

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