Can Regular Servicing Extend Aircon’s Lifespan?

Can Regular Servicing Extend Aircon’s Lifespan? When it comes to air conditioning units, there’s a lot of debate over how often they need to be serviced. Some people believe that annual servicing is enough, while others say you should check the unit monthly.

So, who’s right? And does regular aircon servicing extend the lifespan of an aircon unit? In this blog post, we’ll explore these questions and more. Stay tuned!

Aircon servicing is a task homeowners do not have to worry about, as professionals from trusted companies will take care of it every year. But to get the best results, you need an expert who can give your unit a complete overhaul.

We recommend looking up aircon servicing companies in your area and setting an appointment for yearly servicing, including:

  • Change air filters
  • Inspect electrical wiring and connections
  • Clean condenser and evaporator coils
  • Test starting capabilities
  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Monitor refrigerant levels
  • Tighten all electrical connections

Read on – Can Regular Servicing Extend Aircon’s Lifespan?

Regular Aircon Servicing and Its Impact

Can Regular Servicing Extend Aircon's Lifespan?

Regular servicing is the best way to guarantee your air conditioner’s lifespan. It can help you save up on energy bills and avoid unnecessary repairs.

Having it serviced by professionals will ensure that everything is in tip-top shape and all necessary aircon repairs or replacements get done as soon as possible should there be any need for them. Here’s a list of 12 ways regular servicing can contribute to extending your aircon unit’s lifespan:

1. Examine Aircon’s System

A thorough inspection of the components and mechanisms of an AC unit requires highly trained technicians with specialized tools, so this is best left to experts who remain experienced in identifying even the most subtle problems which could turn into expensive ones if not attended to immediately.

And since they use diagnostic instruments, technicians can identify problems you’re unaware of and even predict possible malfunctions before they become serious.

2. Examine the Unit’s Compressor, Condenser, and Evaporator Coils

When these parts get dirty or damaged, it affects the cooling system’s overall performance and can lead to malfunctioning in your AC unit in just a few months. When regularly serviced, the technician will check if the coils need cleaning or replacement so that your AC works in top condition throughout its lifetime.

3. Check Airflow Settings and Ducts

Regular inspections ensure that airflow gets optimized throughout your home so you get maximum comfort at all times. The technician will also examine air ducts inside walls and ceilings and check if they’re correctly connected to the unit, ensuring that your AC is working at its full potential.

4. Check Refrigerant Levels and Top Up Any Depleted Refrigerant

A drop in the stored liquid refrigerant will affect the airflow and performance of your AC, so it’s essential to monitor this. If you notice a drop in cooling power or temperatures, call for service immediately because low levels can cause system malfunctions and damage to some parts.

5. Examine the Outdoor Unit for Drainage Problems

When water pools around the base of your outdoor AC unit, it can flow into insulation materials and cause corrosion and rusting, which could lead to the malfunctioning of your equipment too soon. Regular servicing will also ensure that your outdoor unit is free from leaves, dirt, and other debris that could block drainage.

6. Tighten All Electrical Connections

Loose or corroded wiring can lead to decreased performance and even fires, so your AC unit must get appropriately electrically connected. A technician will tighten all connections during regular service and also check the fuses and capacitors for any signs of wear and tear.

7. Clean Filters and Replace as Necessary

Can Regular Servicing Extend Aircon's Lifespan?

Dirty air filters not only hamper airflow but also reduce the efficiency of your AC unit, costing you more energy bills in the long run. Replacing aircon filters monthly gets advised, but if you’re unable to do so, have them cleaned at least every 3 months to ensure optimal performance of your AC.

8. Test AC Unit to Verify It’s in Proper Working Condition

Before using your AC, ensure it’s in good condition by having it tested at the end of every service visit. This ensures that all parts function correctly and that you need no repairs or replacements before turning on the AC later.

9. Provide Warranty for Parts Replaced During Servicing

If any components get replaced due to wear and tear, you want to claim these when your warranty is still valid, so always check with the technician if this is possible after the replacement. If not, consider getting extended warranty plans for added peace of mind.

10. Write an Itemized List of Work Done to Know What Got Serviced

Service records are essential because they can help you monitor the performance of your AC unit, especially if you contact the same technician every time you have service work done. This way, any irregularities in your unit can get easily pinpointed and solved before they affect cooling efficiency.

11. Regular Servicing Helps in Identify Potential Problems with Your AC Unit Before

A technician who regularly services AC units will identify any potential problems with the equipment and take corrective action before it worsens. This could include cleaning or replacing parts before they cause further damage and affect the overall performance of your AC.

12. Servicing Keeps Your Warranty in Effect

If you ever have any problems with your AC unit, you can quickly contact the manufacturer or dealer for help if they have done regular servicing. Without a service record, however, you may not be eligible for warranty repair or replacement, costing you more money in the long run.

Can Regular Servicing Extend Aircon’s Lifespan? Conclusion

Can Regular Servicing Extend Aircon's Lifespan?

So there you have good reasons to have your AC unit serviced regularly! Not only will this ensure that your unit functions optimally and lasts longer, but you’ll also avoid expensive repair bills in the long run. So don’t wait. Call today for a quote on our regular servicing plans.

Of course, regular servicing has many more benefits than we’ve listed here. To learn more, call us today and speak to one of our friendly technicians. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.

Servicing FrequencyBenefits
Every 3 monthsKeeps air filters clean, improves indoor air quality, prevents dirt buildup in the system, improves energy efficiency, reduces strain on the system, and extends the lifespan of the air conditioner.
Every 6 monthsHelps detect and fix minor issues before they become major problems, ensures proper refrigerant levels, improves airflow, extends the lifespan of the air conditioner, and saves on energy bills.
AnnuallyEnsures the air conditioner is running smoothly, detects and fixes any potential issues, extends the air conditioner’s lifespan, and maintains the manufacturer’s warranty.

Remember, preventive maintenance is always the best way to go, so don’t wait until there’s a problem–call us today!

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