Can Sleeping In Aircon Room Make You Sick? (Updated)

When you live in a hot country like Singapore, you may need to use air-con inside your room. Air conditioning can help you stay in your comfortable room for a long period of time. Many people turn on their air conditioning unit all day long.

It is not recommended to leave aircon on during the night for some people because it may make you sick. There are several reasons why this action can make you sick after you wake up. Here are some of those common reasons why you can get sick after leaving the aircon on all day long. 

a. Your body temperature can go too low

Body temperature
Body temperature

The first reason why you should not turn on your aircon unit for the whole night. When you are sleeping, your body temperature usually falls. This is a natural process of your body. That is the reason why your body temperature may go too low when turning on your aircon unit for a long period of time.

It is recommended that you set up your aircon unit to reach normal room temperature. Do not set up the temperature of your air conditioning unit too low. When your body temperature is low, you may lose some functions of your immune system. Read what is the best temperature for sleeping?

b. It can dry your body

Many people ask, “Can aircon make you sick?”. The answer is maybe yes for some people, especially if you leave it on for a long period of time. The air conditioning unit usually blows cold and dry air to your room. This cold air can dry your body parts, including your skin, throat, mouth, and many other parts of your body.

This condition may cause many health problems. You may have a sore throat after sleeping at a freezing room temperature. You can also have some skin problems when leaving this aircon unit for a long period of time. 

Dry skin
Dry skin

c. Cold temperature can reduce your body’s ability to produce natural hormone

This is also why you should not leave your aircon unit during the night. Many studies show that cold temperatures can reduce your ability to produce natural hormone inside your body. When you are sleeping, your body normally produces some important hormones.

These hormones are beneficial in improving your immune system naturally. If you sleep in a freezing room, your body may lose some functions to produce enough immune system for your body. As a result, you can get sick easily when you wake up in the morning. 

They are some good reasons why you should not leave your aircon unit during the night. It is recommended to set up the air conditioning unit so it can turn off automatically at night. It would help if you slept in a room with normal room temperature to maximize your body function.

When sleeping in a room with a normal temperature, you are going to enjoy your sleep. You also need to regularly clean your air conditioning unit to prevent any problems caused by the dirty unit.

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