Benefits Of Servicing Your Aircon Before CNY

Benefits Of Servicing Your Aircon Before CNY – With Chinese New Year coming up, people are preparing every aspect to ensure that they can celebrate the day with their family and friends. This includes servicing the aircon before CNY!

 Just like how you’ll be cleaning your house before moving to the new one, the same goes for your aircon. You can get many benefits from having this done, so let’s discover them easily through this article. Read on – Benefits Of Servicing Your Aircon Before CNY:

1. Reduced electric bills.

A well-serviced aircon system can use minimum energy to cool your room, thus reducing the amount of electricity spent by the unit during operation.

It will also automatically switch to non-cool mode if it detects that no one is inside the room. This reduces unnecessary power consumption caused by cooling down empty rooms.

2. Lesser chance of breakdowns.

A well-maintained aircon system can last up to 10 years or more than double its warranty. If you go on a holiday and opt not to turn off your aircon before leaving, there’s a high chance something might go wrong with it when you’re away (broken drip pan due to ants’ nests or a leaky gas pipe, etc.).

Also, if you have a pre-existing issue with your aircon and have not gotten it fixed properly, this problem will become more severe when the unit is under a heavy load condition.

3. Peace of mind.

During CNY holidays, the last thing you want to happen is for your house or room to get hotter & stuffier while you’re away from home!

With an outstanding service history on their files, our company can call up any trusted aircon technicians in Singapore to fix any issues that may come up during renovation works at your property.

This allows you to focus on work without worrying about getting someone to check on your aircon units. Can sit back & relax, knowing that they will be taken care of.

4. Higher resale value.

For those planning to sell their aircon units, later on, it is always a plus if you have an outstanding service history on your aircon.

This way, potential buyers know that the machine has been properly maintained & serviced with less likelihood of aircon breakdowns, thus making them more willing to pay for it at a higher price!

5. Reduced downtime during CNY season.

A professional aircon maintenance team can usually offer same-day or next-day services to ensure minimum disruption within your premises during this festive time of year – ensuring that your business operations can continue smoothly throughout the holidays without any issues!

You can then send out a list of appointments to your employees to have their units serviced without being disrupted at work.

6. Less stress during the CNY period.

Suppose your room gets unbearably hot and stuffy while away from home during the holidays. In that case, an aircon technician service team can offer same-day or next-day appointments to provide you with a temporary aircon unit until your main machine is fixed!

This also ensures minimum downtime for those who would like to rent out their homes, thus less stress during CNY.

7. Temperature regulation becomes easier.

If you think it’s too hot (or cold!) at home and want it to be regulated, don’t fret, as Singapore’s leading aircon servicing company can send an engineer right away!

This allows you to save costs & time on the hassle of finding the nearest repair shop or having someone come over and fix your machine. Our technicians will do all that for you (for free!).

8. Prevents corrosion damage if not serviced before CNY

Benefits Of Servicing Your Aircon Before CNY

If there is rust or loose paint on metal surfaces, this could get blown into the system, clogging up the air filter and damaging the compressor when switched back on after service.

The technician can safely remove rust particles using specialized equipment during servicing season so they do not have to be dealt with later when these particles might have been mixed with other contaminants found in your system’s air filter or have been blown into important parts of your system.

9. Prevents contamination from external sources

Some contaminants in the air, such as pollen and dust, could enter your system through the aircon vents and damage your indoor coils if they aren’t serviced before CNY.

Some contaminants may also be loosened during servicing by technicians without them realizing it and clogged up the machine’s drainage lines or other key components (such as its air filter), thus creating a hazardous work environment.

If you attempt to clean these yourself using incorrect tools, you might break other parts that aren’t meant to be touched by users and expose yourself to further risk of injury or illness!

10. Prevents your financial loss if your unit is damaged by liquid leakage

Benefits Of Servicing Your Aircon Before CNY

This does not only happen when the user attempts to fix something themselves but also when technicians attempt repairs without disassembling the team first.

If there are loose parts in your system from wear and tear or water being introduced via liquid leakage, these could get dislodged during an aircon repair.

11. Prevents loss of cooling efficiency due to low refrigerant pressure

Suppose there is not enough refrigerant in the system when switched on after service. In that case, this lack of pressure could cause low cooling capacity and water leakage from condensation on the outdoor unit, which could damage your ceiling or flooring.

Benefits Of Servicing Your Aircon Before CNY – Conclusion

In conclusion, servicing your aircon will prevent any inconvenience arising from a breakdown during Chinese New Year, control costly repair costs, and protect you from injury or illness due to faulty parts or work environments.

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