Basic Aircon Repair Tools

Basic Aircon Repair Tools are used for repairing, servicing and maintaining air conditioners. Unlike all other systems, Aircons require special to optimally do normal routine maintenance. The difficulties of constantly dealing with indivisible gas in an enclosed pressurized system, means AC maintenance need to be done with utmost care. With the right basic tools, you can easily find the leak, repair and/or replace any defective part and charge the system once the job is done. The following are the basic Aircon repair tools.

1. Electric Drill

An electric drill is one of the most essential Aircon Tools used for a variety purposes such as installing a new compression or making holes for anchor bolts. Experts recommend using 18 V minimum. This is an electric drill that uses two batteries and a charger. While shopping for one, do not spare money; a high quality drill costs more, yet it will eventually pay for itself. The drill usually comes with a whole set of bits, although if some other such as ¼ inch hex bit is missing, you should arrange to buy them separately. This is the type that you will use most while repairing your Aircon system.

2. Pliers

While a whole set of pliers is ideal, if for one reason or another buying a whole set is not viable, a long nose pliers- one that contains a long pointed nose-will suffice. Opt for a long nose pliers with a seven inch long nose. Typical uses of such a long nose pliers includes removing a clip from hard-to-reach areas of an AC and holding the chopper tube when brazing.

3. A Sawzall

A sawzall saws virtually everything depending on the type of blade you use in it. You are encouraged to buy a durable one. Keep your sawzall batteries always charged. Also note that batteries tend to go bad from time to time, and as such mixing brands is not encouraged. Keep them separately to avoid one spoiled pack soiling the rest. You will find a quick-release blade system more useful but several other styles are available. 

4. Tube Cutter

This tool is used to chop copper tubing used in Air Conditioning system from an eighth inch to half inch outside diameter. The cutter is adjustable to fit various diameter of piping. Tubes are marked first before cutting. While cutting, apply slight pressure to the tube. Should the process be rushed, the copper will be damaged. Inside the tube is a burr that needs to be cleaned with a blade reamer. Since cutting wheels get dull over time, they should be replaced periodically periodically.

5. Screw Drivers

A wide variety of different types and sizes of screw driver will come in handy while repairing your aircon system. Always use screwdrivers fitted with insulated handles to protect you from electric shock. Very-Heavy-Duty flathead screwdrivers are particularly useful for slicing or piercing sheet metals. Phillip Screw drivers, on the other hand, are screw drivers with cross driving ends. Be sure to always have 3/16 inch and 1/8 inch high quality screw drivers are a must have for effective air con repair and maintenance. 

6. Copper tube blender

This is a copper blending tool with a 3-size molded round wheels. These tools are used to beautifully bend copper tubes, eliminating the possibility of your Aircon tube cracking. So, if you are replacing any bent AC tube, this tool will come in handy.

7. Tape measure

A tape measure is a steel tape measuring tool. The advantage of this type of tool is that it is very compact and hence one can easily be put in a pocket while they are out in the field. A tape measure is needed when measuring the length of the copper tubing, the volume of a room among many other uses. As such, you should make sure you have a tape measure at least 25 ft. long. Permanent markers will also come in handy when marking measurements. Note that tape measures get kinked, stepped on and hence rarely last long. Buying a tape measure will, therefore, not be a one of affair.

8. Allen Wrench

Allen Wrench is an angled hexagonal Aircon Tool made of hardened steel. You will need it to remove squirrel caged fans of 
window type AC’s. The circular fan of an aircon is also best fastened using an allen screw. 

9. Hexa-Head Nut Drivers

These hand held nut drivers are used to remove or drive hex bolts or nuts. They are mostly applicable to deeply seated places, where your hand is unable to reach. There are T-type drivers and straight hand grip types for different other applications as need may be. The types that Aircon System repairs will mostly need are ¼ inch 3/8 inch and 5/16 inch sizes.

10. Level

Air conditioners need a high degree of levelling not only when installing but also when repairing. A magnetic level is particularly more useful since many surfaces on which Air conditioners lie are made of metal, and as such you are able to keep your hands free when levelling.

11. Electrical Testers

In an AC repair and maintenance, working around live electrical power is inevitable. As such, using electrical testers to identify such cables before using appropriate tools is crucial. Luckily, modern readily available electrical tester can perform several functions (hence the name multi-meter). The other conventional type can only identify where electric power is present. Either type can still be used when repairing aircon system to avert possible electric shock.

12. Brazing Torch

Carpenter’s Saw is a hand tool that contains a tooth blade. It is used to cut wooden Ac sections. Typical uses include fabricating wooden frame of window type AC’s, cutting wooden sticks for use when elevating an Aircon and fabricating a raised stand for split-type stand-alone Air conditioners. Be sure to always have one in hand for use when repairing the wooden sections of your unit. 


With the above basic Air con Tools there is no reason to worry about Air Conditioners malfunctioning. While you will need a lot more for more serious damages and sophisticated installations, the list will suffice for occasional normal AC repairs and maintenance. All of them are extremely important and will enable you to perform all the AC repair, servicing and maintenance works satisfactorily..

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