8 Things to Avoid When Installing Air-conditioner for HDB

Air conditioners have really changed the economy of Singapore. Since their introduction, Singaporeans have gained more working hours. Before these appliances were introduced, people here had two conducive working periods. Workers will either work early in the morning or in the evening. 

What is an air conditioner?

This is a machine or system which treats the air in an enclosed area through a refrigeration cycle. As a result, warm is gotten rid of and replaced by more humid and cooler air. This functionality has made it an ideal appliance in places experiencing hot weather conditions like Singapore. People in such areas can still experience cooler conditions regardless of the harsh summer. All credit goes to the availability of an Air conditioner.

Air conditioners have since gained popularity in various areas, not just homes. Business offices, recreational centers, schools and other social areas are now installing this system. Fortunately, it has been worth all the effort. Work output has become overwhelming in these areas.

Installation of Air-Conditioners in HDB

With air conditioners being an important appliance in Singapore, it has attracted a lot of Interests. Relevant authorities are coming in to ensure proper installation and usage of air conditioners. This is vital to ensure air conditioners meet their required intentions. Singapore Housing and Development Board is one of these authorities. HBD guidelines are the backbone of every interior designing company located in Singapore. These are rules designed by HBD authorities to facilitate successful residential premises renovation.

Installation of air conditioners in HBD selected homes should be carried out with much selection. There are a set of guidelines you need to put into consideration while installing an air conditioner. Almost certain, you will need a professional while carrying out this vital process. If that is not so you will end up succumbing to serious mistakes.

Below are some of the mistakes you have to avoid while installing an aircon;

• Polluted Indoor Air

Polluted air has a tendency of minimizing the effects of your air conditioner. This pollution does come from various sources in your home. For instance, mildew, resins, pollen, carpets and mold. If this polluted air is not subjected to enough air circulation, it will heighten. When this aggravated polluted air passes through high humidity, it affects the performance of an aircon.HBD guidelines champions for the selection of reputable contractors who will get rid of this problem. These professionals will advise you on possible ways of minimizing air pollution in your house. Furthermore, the contractor can recommend another equipment ideal for eliminating indoor air contaminants.

• Hiring an Incompetent Contractor

This is where a lot of Singaporeans have gone wrong in most instances. Due to the wide variety of contractors, they have in most cases found themselves at crossroads. In the end, settling for wrong contractors.HBD advises people to choose a professional contractor who is capable of installing your aircon in a more effective way. Homeowners are also warned from getting attracted to contractors who offer aircon installation services at lower rates. They might not be proficient enough with this process. Carry out proper assessment and consultation before choosing your ideal contractor.

• Ignoring leaks

While installing an air conditioner, it is important to check for Freon or Coolant levels. Look out for leaks which are bound to cause health problems. Also, these leaks are likely to cause increased electricity bills. HBD recommends contractors to always check for leakages while installing aircon to avoid unwarranted extra costs.

• Check out for oversized Aircons

You have to avoid purchasing improperly sized aircon. They are bound to result in uncomfortable temperature variations, high operating costs, and abnormal humidity control. In the same faith, shun from undersized aircon since they do not provide sufficient cooling. Furthermore, such systems have short lifespans and will subject you to increased energy bills. So, what should you do? Ensure you approach a competent aircon contractor. The contractor should visit your residential area, take measurements and recommend to you the best aircon size. This will help in keeping your energy bills at a reasonable level.

• Wrong Thermostat Positioning

Ensure the aircon’s thermostat is not positioned near heat-generating appliances for instance lamps. If that is not considered, your aircon will work for prolonged durations increasing your energy bills. As a result of prolonged working, your air conditioner might incur abnormal cooling, high maintenance costs, and dangerous humidity levels, reducing its lifespan.

• Improper Insulation

You need to be concerned about your room insulation before installing an aircon. In instances of Window AC, ensure open areas between the bottom and top window panes have insulating foam. You can purchase insulated panels to cater for this Window AC since they offer better insulation. In cases of split-ACs, install the right duct sizes. Duct sizes are calculated according to load circulation. Any mistake will lead to reduced lifespan and improper efficiency. Besides, unsealed ducts will lead to leakages of the cooled air hence increasing the AC unit’s work-load.

• Wrong Aircon Positioning

It is important you install your air conditioner in the right position. This is a requirement for increased energy efficiency. You can install your aircon under a shade to avoid subjecting it to too much work while cooling your home. While doing so, prevent your aircon from being distracted by shrubs and trees. Ventilation is also important to ensure efficient aircon operations.

• Installing it by yourself

Many people will attempt installing the air conditioners by themselves. Despite having a manual to follow, mistakes are bound to happen. Most of these mistakes pose a problem in correcting them. They will need the intervention of professional technicians which might be expensive. It is important you leave this process in the hands of a professional.


Air conditioners have helped in regulating hot temperatures in hot areas. This is important to give residents in such areas comfortable during summer seasons. However, for greater efficiency, a proper installation process comes in handy.

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