7 Tips To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners a have become more of a necessity than just a luxurious electronic in our homes, offices, shopping malls among other dwelling places. During the wet and dry seasons, the weather can become unbearable and you will need an air conditioner to cool or warm the room or house so as to enhance worker productivity. They make the environment be more bearable and generally comfortable. Since these electronics are vital in our comfortable living, it is important to take good care of them so that they can have a longer lifespan. 

Averagely, an aircon will last for around 15 years before having a breakdown. That will be dependant on the measures you take to make it have that long period before having some technical complications. So what can you do to give your aircon that long life over the years?

• Working with a competent contractor

In everything, the first step usually matters a lot. Therefore, if you have an accurate aircon installation, it will boost its durability. It is important to get a qualified contractor who will not just fix your aircon perfect, but he could help you choose the right one. This is because if you get a contractor who is experienced in the field, he is mostly likely to get you a well functioning air con and fix it in the proper way to enhance durability. 

• Go for a high-efficiency system

Usually, high-efficiency air cons are equipped with great features such as 2 stage compressors and uneven speed air handlers. This ensures that your energy is saved and they also exert less pressure to the device which in turn reduces the breakdown possibilities and an extended life of operation. The systems are designed to perform better and more efficient than the lower efficiency systems. 

• Organize a yearly upkeep

This is amongst the most recommended ways of preserving your air conditioner in working for years. Checking it at least once a year will cater for whichever problems associated with the systems operations. This prevents the problems from getting worse and boosts your system’s efficiency to ensure it can work perfectly in the unbearable wet and dry seasons. 

• Apply energy saving thermostat adjustments 

Using an energy efficient thermostat setting will help to reduce the load on the air con mostly if you are away from the house for a vacation or work. It would be a waste and devastation to put the air con to work with a lot of energy yet there is no one around. 

• Change the air filters regularly

You must always replace the air filters because, having a blocked filter can overwork the system and may lead to breakdowns and/or overheating. Changing the filters will ensure the air con has an easy air flow in and out without straining to push it through the clogged filters. This boosts the life span. 

• Fix any air complications

A lot of things can pose problems on the aircon, which brings about common air problems like air leaks in the ducts, in your home, blocked air registers or improper duct design. These problems will make your system work more and it may lead back to it overheating or a final breakdown. But the earlier you fix the problem, the longer you will be boosting your air con to last. 

• Clean the system regularly

The electronics usually come with user manuals which contain instructions on how to clean the unit in a safe way. You should therefore follow the guide in order to make it clean as well as enhancing the device’s durability. You may use a broom and a hose to clean out the dirt, however, care needs to be taken when you reach the coil area as they are normally fragile. Also remember to switch the system off before commencing the cleaning process. 

The way you will take care of your air conditioner will determine how long it will last and how efficient it will function. But caring for the aircon is not a one-man job, you need to start by choosing a well qualified contractor, get the perfect aircon to be sure of an extended lifespan. It is better to take first prevention steps before your system gets to a worse condition beyond repair.

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