7 Fun Facts About Aircon You Might Not Know

Global warming is in its full glory today, and the sweltering heat is a good proof. It now seems crazy to even imagine life without air conditioners- how the heck did people actually survive without one? Truly, air conditioning systems are one of the greatest boons of technology today, and has also benefited the world’s economy, perhaps in ways that one can never imagine. But it turns out, there’s a lot more to the history of this very useful device than we know of. Curious? Read on… here we’ve put down some fun facts about aircon that you probably didn’t know. 

Oh! The research
The controlled environments that an air conditioning system provides has become of great use in the field of scientific research and development. Doctors are now able to create medications and drugs more easily, and have been able to use the aircon systems to a much higher level than we do today. 

For comfort’s sake
This one may be hard to believe, but the truth is, aircons weren’t invented with the idea of providing a comfortable atmosphere for people to live in. Infact, the first modern aircon, which was designed by Willis Carrier in the year 1902, was an attempt to keep the temperature and humidity low in the publishing company, where it was first put to use. 

The moderate temperature controls made sure that the paper used for publishing didn’t expand and contract.  

Energy issues
It may be concerning, but it’s an undeniable fact- it is estimated that the amount of energy used by the US to power their air conditioners is equal to the amount of energy that can be used by the entire continent of Africa. Don’t worry- thankfully, we have a dedicated team of green’ researchers working somewhere, attempting to develop air conditioning systems that make use of minimal electricity, or use other green sources of power!

Blockbusters it is!
When the great depression struck humanity, there was little to expect from a gadget like an air conditioner- but it actually helped boost the businesses of movie makers! In those days, where air conditioning services were only restricted to movie theatres, people flocked around their nearest movie theatre to enjoy the cool climate for a few hours during the summer months, and enjoy their latest flicks. 

Summer vacations
Let’s face it- when you’re sticky and grimy and sweaty, you’re less likely to put in a good effort at work; and that’s exactly why there were summer vacations before the time of aircon. The industry basically slowed down or stopped during the summers, and workers got to enjoy a month-long vacation during the summer months. 

Now that we have the convenience of an air conditioning system, a vacation seems a million miles away- doesn’t it?

Immortality? Really?
Okay, maybe that’s an over-exaggeration, but studies have found that air conditioning systems have actually helped us live longer. How? Well, it was revealed that hospitals that made use of air conditioning systems in their wards and patient’s rooms, were better able to manage conditions like malaria and also helped decrease infant mortality. 

What’s more, air conditioning systems that we so liberally use today were actually helpful in inhibiting (stopping) the growth of bacteria, and helped make valuable advancements in the field of surgery.

A new revolution
To sum it up, technology has changed the way we live in more ways than one, and air conditioning is one of those many blessings. The effective temperature control and convenience associated with its use has bought about a remarkable revolution in the field of storage of foods, production systems, delivery of products, manufacturing, pharmaceutical drug developments, chemical manufacturing, storage systems and even manufacture of computers!

It has also changed the way we design and construct buildings today, and has been responsible for some particularly advanced changes in architecture.

Now that we’ve become almost intolerant to heat and have become accustomed to living in a cool, comfortable environment that can be conveniently changed according to our needs and requirements, the question remains- does everything look the way it actually is? Its surprising how technological advancements have become a part of our lives, and have changed the ways of humans so dramatically- hopefully, it will continue to do so in the next generation. 

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