6 Ways To Make Your Aircon Work More Efficiently

In Singapore it is almost impossible to live a comfortable life unless you have aircon for each of your rooms. But if your aircon unit is not working efficiently, then you will not be able to get the best result from your air conditioning unit. However, some tips and tricks are there that can help you have the best and most amazing result with your aircon unit. Talking about these tips following are 6 Ways to Make Your Aircon Work More Efficiently in easy and effective manner. 

Do regular servicing of your air conditioner: 
This is the most important thing that you need to follow in a religious manner to get the best cooling from your aircon unit. If you will do the servicing of your aircon unit on regular basis then it will automatically work more efficiently and you will get a much better and comfortable environment in your home with it. In this servicing you need to keep an eye on each and everything including its physical and mechanical part. Also, if you notice any gas leak then make sure you deal with that quickly so you can aircon can work efficiently. Other than this, you also need to check the coolant level in this servicing and if you notice any drop in the coolant level then you do the refilling so your aircon can work efficiently in the best possible manner. 

Choose right place for outdoor unit: 

Many time people do not give the importance to placing of their outdoor unit and as a result of that their aircon unit does not work efficiently. You have to understand this basic thing that if outdoor of your aircon unit will remain heated then it will need to do more work and your aircon will not work efficiently in that situation. To avoid this complication it is suggested that you keep your aircon unit at a shady place that is away from direct sunlight. But in this process you also need to make sure that outdoor unit your aircon get proper place for ventilation because proper ventilation is also very much essential of smooth and effective functioning of any air conditioner. So, keep this thing also in your mind to get effective result from your aircon unit.

Change the filters on monthly basis: 

Many people would consider it as a waste of money, but you can get efficient result from your aircon unit just by changing air filter on monthly basis. If we talk about the important of filter, it catches all the dust and dirt particles from your room and it gives you cool and fresh air. Because of this specific function it get dirty after sometime of use any aircon unit cannot work efficiently with dirty filter. However, if you change the filter on monthly basis, then you will be able to get the best result with it and it will work efficiently for you. Also, you need to remember this basic thing that it might look clean in many situations, but even in that situation you should change the filter because minute dirt and dust particle may block the filter over a period of time and that affect the efficiency of aircon. 

Keep your house as clean as possible: 

Most of you might just ignore this simple suggestion, but this is a fact that proper cleaning of your house can help your aircon work more efficiently. Here, I am suggesting you to keep proper cleaning of your house because aircon unit collect dirt and dust from your house in its air filter to give you fresh and clean air. That means if you will have a dirtier house then it will trap more dust, and that will block the filter sooner than your expectation. As a result of that it will put extra load on your aircon unit and it will not work as efficiently as it should be. At the other hand proper house cleaning will reduce load on your aircon unit and it will automatically work more efficiently. Hence, it is a good idea that you pay minute attention on the cleaning of your house to get better and more comfortable cooling from your aircon unit.

Reduce the extra heat in your room: 

You don’t need to be and HVAC engineer to understand this simple fact that if you will have more heat in your room then, you will get less result from your aircon unit. That means you need to reduce the amount of heat in your room by all possible means and you can do that in some simple ways. First of all you can prevent direct sunlight in your room especially in the mid of the day when sun can make your room warmer. For that you can use blinds or curtains and if needed you can use some protective coating on your window as well. Similar to this you can stop using those lights and instrument as well that produce heat and you can switch to LED lighting for reduction of heat generation in your room. When you will do this then this is an assurance that your aircon unit will work more efficiently for you in the best possible manner.

Stop the air leaks from your room: 

This is one of the most important yet most ignored reason because of which your aircon unit does not work efficiently. This is a fact that more than 30% of aircon efforts goes in vein due to leaks in your room. That means if you don’t want to have this complication and you want to make sure that your aircon work efficiently then you will need to block all the leaks from your room. For this you can thoroughly check all the windows doors and other similar opening of your room and you can close the leak if you find any air leak in it. Also, if you have a false ceiling then you need to check any leak in that also so your aircon can work more efficiently for you.

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