Six Tips on Maintaining Your Aircon

Due to extreme temperature changes in the weather, it is very difficult to work in the office or stay at home comfortably without an aircon. They are thus found in nearly every building and installation. These include hospitals, offices, homes, schools, shopping malls and meeting halls. This is thus a great investment that every building needs. Like any other electrical appliances, owners need to do a regular aircon maintenance for it to serve then optimally and for long.

There are various types of aircons in the market. Each dependent of the size and technology used in its manufacture. The common types are ductless and AC aircons. However, general maintenance remains the same.

Aircon maintenance tips

1. Filter

Most aircons are connected to a building’s forced air ducts. Further, most are found outside the main building. They are thus prone to dust and other particles that may clog the filter. The filter is the most important part of the conditioner. The most basic maintenance is to ensure that the filter is free from dust and other particles. Clogged filters overwork other parts of the conditioner making them use more energy for the same output. They also make compressor susceptible to malfunction.

2. Compressor 

This is one of the biggest but most delicate parts of the conditioner. One needs professional help to monitor, remove, clean and return the compressor and other electrical parts of the conditioner in one piece. One should ensure that all electrical parts and connecting wires are well insulated before returning them into position. Sometimes humid air corrodes some hardware parts. It is advisable to oil parts that are prone to corrosion. Motor parts should be lubricated accordingly.

3. Check for leaks

Dirty duct system leads to leaks. A considerable amount of air is lost when the duct has holes. It is thus advisable to check cooling levels of the conditioner. This will help you know whether there are Freon leaks in the device. Leaks and damages to refrigerant compartment of the air conditioner is responsible for most common accidental damages to the conditioner. Leaks also makes the conditioner unable to reach optimum performance and good quality air streams.

4. Automatic thermostat

An automatic thermostat is an element in the conditioner that allows one to set optimum room temperature where the conditioner reactivates. Thus, the condition turns on when temperature reaches this point. When you set your conditioner to auto cool setting, it only works when the room temperature reaches the set temperature. This gives the conditioner longer lifespan and saves energy. Periodically, test whether the thermostat is working accurately.

5. Conditioner sealing

It is also important to check the seal between the conditioner unit and the window frame and ensure that both are in contact. The rubber seal is susceptible to damage by moisture. If the sealing has become brittle, it is good to replace it to avoid any compressed air loses and thus saving energy.

6. Routine aircon repair

It is important to have professional aircon maintenance at least at the start of every summer. This ensures that you get the best comfort your air conditioner can give. Waiting until the aircon breaks down would push up the cost of repair.

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