What Aircon Services Do We Provide?

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What Aircon Services Do We Provide?

Our company offers both commercial and residential air conditioning service that include installation, repair, chemical cleaning, maintenance, servicing and other related services. We have a team of technicians and staff that are well skilled and trained to cover all your aircon services in a professional manner. In addition we give advice and provide energy saving air conditioning services to help our clients in saving resources and also providing environmental friendly air conditioning systems. Our technicians are skilled and experience and this means that they can handle all air conditioning problems. Whether yours is the old air conditioned system or you have just installed a modern state of the art system, our expert will clean, service, repair and maintain your system in a professional manner. The following are some of aircon services provided by our company:

Chemical cleaning of AC units.

We chemically clean your ac units to remove dirt and dust. We understand that a clogged ac unit cannot function well. This chemical cleaning is efficient to allow proper flow of fresh air through the ac. An AC filled with dust will always have problems in functioning and may keep breaking down every time. This is a service that we recommend to be done once in every months. Within this time mold and bacteria sometimes grow inside the units so you need chemical cleaning once in three months to keep them clean. We practically all levels of ac cleaning both commercial and residential. This is because we understand the cleaning needs of each and we are able to perform personalized cleaning service that will satisfy all clients. Our technicians have been well trained and this means that no cleaning job is complicated or difficult for them to handle.

Aircon Services We Provide

Inspection and aircon servicing.

Providing inspection is also part of our aircon service provided by our company. Inspection must continually be done to vents and dents and air passage. This is to ensure that they are still working as expected. Inspection will prevent unexpected breakdown that may end up causing more damage. Continuous servicing and maintenance is also essential to keep these units in good condition. Servicing helps diagnose minor problems that may lead to major break downs in future. Our staff are capable of checking and maintaining all your units and this keeps them functioning properly at all times. Our technicians take care of electrical system, refrigeration and the whole air system. Inspection and servicing all air conditioning system includes a combination of replacing components might may need repair and also cleaning the air passage to avoid unnecessary blockages.

New aircon installations.

We are able to install new air conditioning system for both our commercial and residential clients. Our technicians install air conditioning system for new homes and homes which require a whole new system. We take every assignment given to use personalized so that we can offer efficient service. Each home and office is unique in its own way so it will need a unique system different from another. We talk time to look and understand your air conditioning needs and recommend a system that will suit your needs well. We install air conditioning system that help you save energy and that offer a long lasting solution.

Aircon repair.

Our skilled team of staff can practically repair all air conditioning units. Brocken AC and air passage can be very frustrating especially when temperatures are high and you need them fixed. Our team repairs broken AC, air passages, vents and dents restoring all your units back to proper working condition. We do not just aim at repairing you units but we focus on the long term goal of giving you home comfort. We carry out each repair with a long term outlook so you can be sure once we carry out your repair we have done a perfect job. Emergency repair is also something we are passionate about because we understand a malfunctioning air conditioning unit can cause a lot of inconvenience in your home or office. We show up anytime you need us day or night.

Digital thermostat experts.

Digital thermostats are very sensitive and they need specialist who can handle them well without causing further damage. Our technicians knows who to check then to ensure that they are compatible with other units within the air conditioning unit. Our staff are able to check your and analyze your HVAC units and if they find areas that need repair they will perform timely repair solutions to restore back working or to prevent further damage. Saving energy is also an important function offered by our staff. We understand that energy saving is important not only to saving resources but this is also crucial as a friendly environmental solutions.

Freon replacement.

We also carry Freon replacement to provide comfort to our homes during hot days. If replacement and servicing is not done on time they can lead to very hot days and discomfort in our homes and offices. At this time air conditioning systems may be clogged as a result to high humidity. This is the more reason that maintenance and servicing should be constantly done. After inspections our technicians are able to determine if replacement is done or your Freon need just normal repair. In addition we look at your gas system which is an important part of your air conditioning system and determine if it is working in the expected manner.

Chemical overhaul.

This involves using special chemicals to provide a thorough maintenance of the whole air conditioning system. For instance, pipes, fun blades and blower wheels are cleaned using appropriate chemicals to ensure they are functioning properly. Technicians also carry out lubrication of the necessary parts. Chemical overhaul also involves restoring an air conditioning system that has not been working for a long period of time. A chemical overhaul is an important procedure recommended for all air conditioning systems. This involves taking precautions before disaster strikes because technicians look at parts that are not functioning well and tries to solve problems likely to occur before they actually occur. This saves on repair and replacement cost.
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