Why Singaporean Love To Service Their Aircon Before The Holiday Season?

Festive season has already started. Most people are on holidays, and if you are a Christian, the peak of your salvation is around the corner, that is, the Christmas season. In addition, this is the season where we are going to say good-bye to the old year of 2013 and welcome the new year of 2014. Normally, this is the time where families, friends, relatives, and so on unite or rather visit one another to enjoy the pleasantries of the season. Therefore, this is the period where maximum comfort is required at your home to make your visitors as well as your family members have the most enjoyable season like no other. 

To achieve this, the air conditioners in your room(s) should be working properly to supply the required air supply (warm or cool). As a Singaporean, it will be disturbing if your air con(s) fails to work in presence of your visitors. To avoid this, it is advisable to service it/them before the holiday season begins. Thus, this article presents you with four reasons why you should do so:

1) To save money spent on energy
During festive seasons, most of our resources are directed towards buying foodstuffs, Christmas costumes, presents, entertainment, and so on. Huge electricity bills will be nuisance, and there is a need to minimize its cost as much as possible. To use less energy, electric devices that consume a lot of energy should be regulated or avoided. However, you cannot regulate energy consumption of an air con. 

A good working air con always uses less energy. Therefore, before the season starts, you are advised to replace the commonly worn out parts such as the air con filter, clean the fan coils, clear drain pipes if there are any blockages, check for noise-causing parts, and so on. When all these are done, the overall efficiency of your air con fun will be almost 100%, and the motor will effectively use less amount of power. This will ultimately save on power usage and consequently less cash paid on electricity bills.

2) To check on the toxic substance produced by your air con
Living in a comfortable room is perhaps the best, but it is not easy to achieve if your room air circulation is not good. It is worst if some of your visitors have allergy and respiratory conditions. It has been known that if you use an air con for a long time without regular maintenance and servicing, some parts like the air filter will be blocked and there will be incomplete processing of gases. The air produced will have some toxic substance like carbon monoxide and other dangerous rare gases. If produced in large quantities, the room occupants will inhale them and consequently cause health problems. It can even lead to suffocation and dead! 

In addition, such air cons can also produce dusty particles instead of smooth gentle air, causing more respiratory problems. To avoid all these, you are advised to seek the service of air con professional who will do proper maintenance and servicing of your electric air regulating device(s). They are also going to check on the acceptable levels of carbon monoxide produced. If this is done before your holiday, your visitors as well as your family members will have a heather stay in your room(s).

3) To improve on its efficiency
During festive seasons, you need an air con that will provide service to its users throughout the season without failures. Therefore, you are required to make pre-season serving of your device(s). A well-serviced air con will rarely fail and its efficiency will certainly be high, providing the necessary comfort. 

4) To avoid inconveniences of repairs and/or acquiring new air con
It is undesirable if your air con suffers mechanical breakdown and fails to work at the mid of your holiday and festive season. You will be forced to look for a professional to repair it as soon as possible. The big problem at that moment is that everybody will be on holiday and there will be nobody to do the repairs you need! The worst case is that there will be no shop(s) open if in case you have decided to buy another new one. To save on these situations, it is recommended that you service your device before the season starts.


To have the most interesting holiday like no other, you must prepare for it in advance. Make sure that your room is the ultimate place to be where fresh air from well-serviced air cons fills the atmosphere. Service your air con before the festive season starts lest you face some of the challenges stated above. Thanks in advance.

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