Panasonic Vs Starmex

The weather conditions can be pretty unpredictable in Singapore. It may be pretty hot at times and pretty cold during other times. Although workaholic people in Singapore don’t spend a lot of time at their homes, the older people stay at home most of the times. Older people are very susceptible to changing weather conditions. For that reason it is pretty essential to maintain the temperature of your home at a balanced level. 

There are various companies which offer the temperature control equipment in the country. But is pretty essential to know which aircon is suitable for you. You need to compare the essential features of the air conditioners offered by various companies to pick the right one for you. This article presents a comparison chart of two aircon brands namely Panasonic and Starmex. 


Panasonic is one of the most favourite brands of air conditioners that people of Singapore use. The ergonomically friendly design of the aircon proves to be advantageous for the people of the country. The features of the air conditioners that make people fall in love with the air conditioner incorporate easy to assemble and remove panels, smoother operations, energetic buttons, and durability. The brand integrates high-end technology with the air conditioner in such a way that it proves to be man’s slave easily without much toil. You can easily switch on the air conditioner and switch on to different modes of operation as per your requirements. You don’t need to be worried about cleaning the air conditioner regularly as you can dismantle the parts of the air conditioner easily. One of the best characteristics of the air conditioner is that it can filter out the dirt in the condenser to get purified air all the time. Let’s understand what makes Panasonic a cut above others. 

1. Energetic and satisfactory cooling features

Once you enter your home, you may get antsy to get cool air from your aircon. It is pretty easy with the help of Panasonic aircon. It starts cooling your room as soon as you switch it on. This is possible because of the integrated inverter. It means that you won’t have to sit for long in hot ambience. This same inverter helps in spreading the cool throughout the room. This increases the uniformity of the air flow. As a result of this, you get consistent air. 

2. A real energy saver

The Panasonic aircon is best known for its ECONAVI feature. Because of this feature the inverter of the aircon gets a signal to control the speed of the compressor. As a result, the air conditioner uses less electricity. You get to pay less for your electricity bills. This is the latest technology from Panasonic. If you are thinking of using the conventional type of air conditioner without any inverter, you should drop the idea. Without an inverter, the compressor of your air conditioner runs at constant speed. This leads to switching of the compressor from on to off and vice versa. You may have to pay high amount of bills at the end of every month. 

3. The aircon keeps all the particulate matters and microscopic viruses at bay
Most of the diseases spread through air. Aircon may be a reason for many of the diseases. You need not be worried about being infected by the viruses if you have Panasonic air conditioner at your home. There is a special feature in the aircon which is known as Nanoe-G. The main function of the feature is to keep all the microscopic organisms and particulate matters from getting mixed up with the air that flows through the air conditioner to your room. 


The parent brand of the aircon is Mitsubishi. The brand is best known for its service to its customers and the durability of the products. The parent brand combines both efficiency and affordability with the product which makes it the most advantageous product for all. Technological improvement is an integral part of the brand’s strategy. Mitsubishi electric is also known as Starmex. Let’s know about the aircons of the brand and its uniqueness. 

1. The best energy efficient aircon available in the Singapore market

This feature of the air conditioner makes its stand out in the market. The brand tries it best to apply the latest available technologies to improve the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. There is different tick levels basing on which the efficiency of an energy using device is known. The air conditioners of the brand are of 5 tick level energy efficient. 

2. Availability of Purified air

The air conditioners of this brand make use of pre-filter for cleaning the air before allowing that to enter your house. Apart from various technologies being used in the pre-filter, it contains a bioflavonoid called as catechin. This has capabilities to restrict the flow of virus through the air. 

3. Effective odour management in your house for 10 years
The air conditioner uses a bioflavonoid named catechin. This bioflavonoid has antioxidant properties. It also acts as a deodorant. Even if you wash the pre-filter of your air conditioner regularly, the aromatic odour of the bioflavonoid stays for 10 years. 

4. Hassle-free cleaning of the air conditioner

It is necessary to clean your air conditioner after using it for a longer period of time. You can also clean the air conditioner frequently and regularly as per your wish. You don’t need any special tools to open different parts of the air conditioner. You can easily take out different parts of the air conditioner and clean those. You can clean different parts of the air conditioner to improve the energy efficiency of the air conditioner further. By applying this method you are going to reduce your electricity bills amount further. 

5. The aircon is quieter than the noise level that is sweet your ear

Most of you might want an air conditioner that won’t create noise while in operation. This air conditioner creates sweet sound for your ear while you are in your office or home. 


The job of aircon Services Company is to present a proper layout of the different aircon brands available in the market. It is your job to decide the best one for you.

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