8 Reasons Why Aircon Servicing Is Needed Every 3 Months?

8 Reasons Why Aircon Servicing Is Needed Every 3 Months? Your home should be a peaceful and relaxing place for you to spend your time. There is no reason for you to come back home after a long day’s work to a hot and humid house.

Also, because your house is too cold for you to stay in other rooms during the rainy season, you don’t have to spend most of your time in bed.

It would be better if the cold air didn’t force you to remain in an uncomfortable environment because your air conditioner malfunctioned. Your air conditioners, like your car, require routine maintenance. A good air conditioner will improve your home’s conditions both during the day and at night.

As a result, it is critical to regular schedule maintenance every three months. If you get a habit of regularly servicing your air conditioner, you will enjoy the following 8 Reasons why aircon servicing is needed every 3 months:

1. Improve Effectiveness
8 Reasons Why Aircon Servicing Is Needed Every 3 Months?

Have you ever had the experience of your air conditioner taking a long time to heat the room? If you don’t service your air conditioner regularly, dust particles, rust, and other debris accumulate in the system. As a result, your air conditioner’s functionality suffers.

Your air conditioner will not function as well as a new air conditioner. Otherwise, if you keep your air conditioner in good working order, there will be no room for rust, debris, or rust to form. So, during the rainy season, you can freely adjust the temperature of a room to your liking and vice versa.

2. Reduce Health Risks
8 Reasons Why Aircon Servicing Is Needed Every 3 Months?

Inhaling mold can lead to complications such as nasal blockage and reduce your lung functionality. When you service your air conditioner, the technician cleans the filters and the rest of the hydro cell bag. He cleans up mold and dust that has accumulated over time.

Regular maintenance reduces the health risks for those who use the space. As a result, if you service your office’s air conditioner regularly, your employees will be healthier and more productive. Furthermore, the amount of money you will spend on healthcare for your family’s conditions is limited.

3. Increase The Lifespan of Your Air Conditioner
8 Reasons Why Aircon Servicing Is Needed Every 3 Months?

Neglecting your air conditioner will only result in you spending more money and time replacing the entire system. Servicing an air conditioner every three months lowers the likelihood that you will need to replace or repair a broken unit.

Your technician cleans the systems and ensures that each unit works properly. As a result, you extend the life of your air conditioner.

4. Minimize Major Setbacks
8 Reasons Why Aircon Servicing Is Needed Every 3 Months?

If your employees are not comfortable, their work productivity and quality get low. Allowing your employees to work in a harsh, hot, or cold environment is unethical.

If your air conditioner breaks, you must repair it right away. If that is not possible, you will have to improvise to keep your work going. Installing and uninstalling an air conditioner is a lengthy process that will disrupt your daily operations.

To check on the problem, you’ll need to find a new air conditioner or contact your contractor. In addition, the contractor will need to locate and resolve the issue.

The full repair or replacement will take up some of your time and your employees’ time, bringing significant setbacks in your business. The entire repair or replacement will consume some of your time and your employees’ time, causing significant disruptions in your business.

5. Saves You the Extra Cost of Purchasing or Repairing
8 Reasons Why Aircon Servicing Is Needed Every 3 Months?

Air conditioners are expensive, and you will need to spend more to find a good one. There is no point in having a good air conditioner if you do not maintain it. Furthermore, depending on the problem with your air conditioner, it can be costly to repair.

Repairing or replacing specific parts of your air conditioner can be as expensive as purchasing a new system. As a result, if you maintain your air conditioner regularly, you will avoid the cost of repairing or replacing it.

The technician can always detect an emerging problem while servicing your air conditioner. Besides, the technician can address the issue before it becomes necessary to replace or repair a component.

6. To Qualify for The Warranty

8 Reasons Why Aircon Servicing Is Needed Every 3 Months?

Many air conditioner manufacturers or sellers provide a warranty. Some warranty terms require that you service your air conditioner regularly. If your air conditioner fails and you haven’t been maintaining it, you’re out of luck.

You will lose your right to a refund or a free replacement of the air conditioner. You will incur a substantial financial loss without a warranty. As a result, it is critical to service your air conditioner regularly to obtain a service agreement from your supplier or manufacturer.

7. Protect The Environment

Many people are unaware of the environmental hazards posed by some un-serviced air conditioners. Unmaintained air conditioners contribute to environmental pollution, which leads to global warming. Air conditioners occasionally fail and emit HFC gases, which are harmful to the environment.

The HFC gases produced are the same as those produced by greenhouses. If your air conditioner emits these gases into the atmosphere, they deplete our ozone layer.

Therefore, if you have your air conditioner serviced, the technician will tell if the gases are leaking. The technician can also recycle the HFC gases, but you can plan for a replacement if this is not possible.

8. Save On the Electricity Bill

If you don’t service your air conditioner regularly, you could end up spending a significant portion of your income on electricity bills. The air-conditioner consumes a lot of electricity because it is getting overworked. Debris, dirt, and rust clog your unit’s vents. In turn, your unit consumes more electricity and overheats.

For this reason, it would be reasonable to service your air conditioner regularly to reduce the amount of electricity that it consumes. Furthermore, you will avoid the expense of having to repair the unit if it malfunctions.

In most cases, the contractor will inspect all of your air conditioner’s units. The services include cleaning the Hydro cell bag system, the filters in front of the fan, and the fan in the head coil unit.

The technician will also inspect the entire system and flush the drain. He will also examine the airflow, electrical design, and gas pressure in the refrigerator. Finally, he will clear away anything that is obstructing the outdoor unit.

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