5 Tips On Deciding Where To Place Your Aircon Unit

When you buy an aircon unit for your home, then you wish to get the best cooling with it and you do a lot of research also for same. But along with wise selection of Aircon you also need to install it at a proper place to get better cooling with it. If you will not choose the right place to install an Aircon unit, then you will not be able to get a comfortable and soothing environment in your room even after investing a lot of time and money in this task. To help you more in this regard, following are 5 Tips On Deciding Where To Place Your Aircon Unit so you can get comfortable cooling effect by it with minimum efforts.

Aircon Unit

Properly ventilated space for outdoor unit:

When it comes about the installation of Aircon unit, then many people just pay attention on the indoor unit and they completely ignore the place selection for outdoor unit. However, this is not true and they should give same importance for the place selection of outdoor unit as well to get the best result from it. In order to get the best result it is strongly recommended that your outdoor unit should have proper space for flow of air. If it is not properly ventilated then the hot air that will come out of your Aircon unit will remain there only and it will affect the cooling for you. But if you will have a well ventilated space for the outdoor unit, then you will not face this complication and you will be able to get better cooling and comfortable environment with your Aircon unit.

Outdoor unit should be in shade:

This is one more factor that I would strongly recommend you to consider while choosing a place for your Aircon unit. When you leave the outdoor unit in direct sunlight then it get heated and it works extra to give you the cooling that you want from it. That means it will increase your electricity bill as it will need to work more for the culling effect. Also, it will have more mechanical problems in it because it will need to work more and you will not be able to get the best result with it in a normal situation. However, if you will add a simple shade on the outdoor unit of your Aircon, then your Aircon unit will have fewer loads on it and it will be able to perform in much better way. Also, it will reduce your electricity and maintenance expenses and you will get fewer problems in it. So, I would strongly recommend that you install the outdoor unit of your Aircon at a shaded but ventilated place to get the best cooling from it in your home.

Aircon Unit

Indoor unit should be away from light bulbs:

Many time people wonder why their Aircon unit keeps on running nonstop even after reaching to the set temperature. They get this issue because they install their Aircon indoor unit next to a light bulb and as a result of that they end up having this trouble in their unit. You need to understand this simple fact that if you will install the Aircon unit next to a light bulb or any source that generate heat, then the sense of your Aircon unit might not check the temperature drop due to that heating object and it may keep on running nonstop. As a result of that you will get a chilled room that will be not a comfortable option for you and you will have to manually shutdown your Aircon unit in every few minutes. To avoid this problem and to get the best result, it is strongly recommended that you install your Aircon unit away from any light or object that cause heating while it’s working.

It should be near to your bed or sitting area:

When you install an Aircon unit in your home, then you either buy it for your living room or you buy it for your bed room. In either of the cases it can give you better cooling effects when it is next to your bed or sitting place. Indeed, some people would say that the Aircon unit will cool the entire room and that is true as well. But you also need to understand that the cooling will be more near to the Aircon unit and at other end cooling will be less. Also, temperature sensor of the always remain inside to Aircon unit or next to it, so it will sense the minimum temperature accordingly and it will cut off according to the temperature near to you’re the ac unit. So, it is a good idea that you install it next to your sitting area or bed so you can get better result with it without any kind of complication or trouble

It should be high enough for better cooling:

This is a simple rule that hot air goes up and cold air come down at any place. You need to keep this fact also in your mind while installing your Aircon unit and you should keep the altitude at higher level. If you will install your Aircon unit at your feet level, then either it will not cool your room at all or it will take a lot of time to give you the required cooling. In either of the condition it will not give you the desired result and you will end up spending more money in it. But if you will install it at higher position then it will do the cooling in much quicker manner and you will get cooling for entire room. Hi position of Aircon unit will also make sure that you get proper spacing for ducting pipe and you get pipes also to it in easy manner. So, when you do this installation make sure you follow this rule as well and you install it at higher position in your room to get the best and most comfortable feelings with it.

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